Drop-in course Winter 2021

“Best Place for Man Talk” – Georgia Straight, Best of Vancouver

Winter 2021 marks the continuity of Manology’s 12th year!
Thanks to everyone who helped bring us this far over these years!!  Gratitude!!

What is New
Please read this carefully as there are a lot of changes here. Manology will be facilitated by a team of 6 men of diverse ages, races and sexual orientations. We will work in pairs for 4 week periods. Our offering will be largely responsive and emergent and will not feature the set content format of past years, though some set content will appear, again, in response to group dynamics and needs. Where our usual Monday conflicts with religious holidays of diverse religions, we will shift to the Tuesday of that week. Also our start time will be 6:30 pm Pacific time, and run 2 hours, ending at 8:30 pm.

For pricing information, please see the Where/When/Cost page.

Session Structure
What men can count on is inter-racial two-man facilitation team, of soulful, intelligent and compassionate men, in rotating leadership of 4 weeks per team. We will begin with a check-in round and a short break, followed by some version of responsive exploration.
To provide some consistency in the envisioned responsive style, each 4-week period of leadership by each facilitation team will utilize similar directions in the second part of each session. Our methods will include: use of guiding questions, working with a theme that emerged, the presentation of content and additional go-arounds on a specific topic. We also commit to one session each 4-week period being dedicated to physical/somatic or creative exploration. After each session you should receive a super short feedback form, and your use of them will help guide the full leadership team on the relevance and usefulness of our offerings to you.

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