Closed Group

“Best Place for Man Talk” – Georgia Straight, Best of Vancouver

Our first closed group began in Fall 2019 and has chosen to continue onwards in winter 2020.  It’s been a great ride of 9 men, aged mid 20’s to 70!   Much learning for us all and deepening relationships.  Stay tuned here for updates on what closed group opportunities will emerge in Fall 2020.  Below is a description for closed groups at Manology.

Course Structure
This version of Manology will be limited to 16 men/those identifying as men who sign on for the whole ride, and commit to showing up weekly. Manology founder David Hatfield will facilitate sessions unless otherwise noted. In this 12-week journey, we will get to know ourselves and each other very well. We will ground our work within a communication model that stresses self-responsibility, curiosity and respect. Our understanding of personal and collective change will be housed in a simple model of identity development that recognize both individual experiences that shape our uniqueness, and also recognizes the diverse social groups we belong to including race, sexual orientation, age, language, class and others.

A core anchor in our learning will be to continually acknowledge the powerful socialization process about male gender role expectations which continues to influence us. Some sessions will be designed to explore specific issues, for example – power, conflict, sexuality, race, emotionality and relationships. These course elements will support us to explore long-standing, systemic aspects of gender role expectations, both historical and current.

Other sessions will be co-created by the group in real time, responding to what themes, thoughts and feelings are emerging in the moment. Such sessions will likely feature immediacy, direct interactions between us, and non-linear group dynamics. These course elements will help us learn how to be more fluid and follow the flow of things, to get out of our heads and to be present in the here and now.  In this way, each man will help to create this course in very real and direct ways.

What might this look like?
We’ll use diverse ways of expressing and learning. Sometimes we’ll sit in a circle and talk. Sometimes we’ll get up and move our bodies. We will draw upon our creativity. We’ll use our minds, bodies and spirits. We will sing. Yes, we will sing. (Being ‘good’ at singing is not necessary at all.)

What to expect:
Deep sharing.
Powerful learning.
Support, knowledge, challenge, encouragement.
Having your cage rattled at times.
No simple answers. Multiple points of view.
Doing all the above together as men.

I hope you will join me on this learning journey!!