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Manology celebrates its 12th year in 2020/2021

Welcome to a very new era of Manology, here in our 12th year.   In June 2020, I and others in the Manology community, like many people and organizations, confronted the truth that we had not been doing enough to unpack, acknowledge and respond to systemic oppression of all kinds.   Many people’s voices came into the Manology space with support, critical feedback, encouragement, willingness and resources. Long story short, we are ready to begin a new chapter of how we do our work together as men.  So much gratitude to all who’ve contributed to all these changes, big and small!!

NOTE:  Our session times will be different:  6:30 – 8:30 pm, Pacific standard time.
We will remain online, on Monday nights, except where Mondays are religious holidays, when we will shift to that Tuesday.  See schedule details:


The first session is FREE of charge for new men.IMG_3605

Manology is a friendly, interactive and experiential course for men of all stages, viewpoints, orientations, and ethnicities. Manology acknowledges that this moment in culture is one of fast and profound change that affects all humanity.  Men as a major social group are affected. While Western women have been redefining their roles in society for decades, there have been very few places where men have been invited to examine and redefine their roles, relationships, and sense of purpose.

Manology is just such a place, where men are celebrated and supported, and are offered insight, experiences, and conversations on the physical, mental, and spiritual journey of manhood. Manology is a place to have fun, try out some new things, share stories, humor and knowledge, learn and to make new friendships. Sessions are interactive, friendly and experiential, not lectures.  It’s a great place to connect with yourself and other men in a safe, fun and positive atmosphere.  It’s an easy way to break out of patterns of emotional and social isolation.  Come and hang out!

Manology iManologyHColors for men who are interested in looking at how ideas about what a man is and is not, shape and influence us, in all areas of our lives.  Manology is delivered by a diverse team of educators and facilitators with a wide range of knowledge and skills to share with men.  Diversity is desired: men of all ages, races, sexual orientations, backgrounds and philosophies are welcome.

The first session of the Monday drop-in course is FREE of charge for new men. 

Come connect with yourself and with other men in an atmosphere of depth exploration, fun, respectful, open-minded, positive masculinity.  For men 19 years of age and older.